How to Do TRX Exercises At Home

Have you still not heard of the TRX? It is a sports practice whose acronym in English means Total-body Resistance Exercise, which in Spanish means “exercise of whole body resistance.” It is a type of suspension training that requires a harness to be able to perform. The harness is fixed, not flexible, and is fastened over some key point, for example a wall or the roof. Training takes advantage of one’s own body weight as resistance. Through this technique you can perform exercises to develop all muscle groups and serves to increase muscle strength or even improve postures, as well as to lose weight. You can do it easily from home if you acquire the harness. In this article we tell you how to do TRX exercises at home.

What is TRX for?

how to do TRX exercises at home

The TRX, suspension training, is perfect for those who want to lose weight but do not want to go to the gym or start doing exercise routines at home. Many people take advantage of their own weight to exercise with this technique because body weight influences a lot. It is an innovative and relatively recent method although, it is already widespread in the US and in Europe it is increasingly seen.

The TRX was invented by the Navy SEAL, elite body of the USA, who could not afford to lose physical strength because they did not have the necessary equipment. In this way Randy Hetrick, one of its members, took a belt from a parachute and some tools and created a contraption that allowed them to exercise and work their muscles with the resistance of their own body. Later they were creating exercise routines and the invention was evolving into the harness that is used today.

This type of training serves both to work muscle power and to perform strength exercises combined with aerobic exercises. It allows you to work and tone all body parts and can also serve to improve posture or injuries to some part of the skin, such as the vertebrae.

Performing workouts with TRX can provide cardiovascular training and even fat burning.

How to do TRX exercises at home

Before you should get a TRX harness, which is specific to this type of training. It is important that you choose one that has been created for this and not any other, since you could hurt yourself.

It does not require a specific physical condition since there are several trainings and in fact, since the weight is influential in this training, you must choose the one that best suits your physical condition. However, it is advisable to ask a specialist or personal trainer beforehand to teach you not only what kind of exercises will work best for you and how to do them, but also to learn the anchoring system and ropes. In addition, like any exercise, it is advisable to consult a doctor in case of suffering from any type of illness. An improper use of the harness can cause injuries, although it is very difficult for this to happen.

Now, to start training with TRX you must choose the level of difficulty. For this, only by changing the position of the body, without using additional materials. At this point, it is important to emphasize that the individual can choose the level of difficulty through the change of the position of the body itself, without using additional materials.

Chest Press

Practicing TRX at home is an ideal option for those who do not want to or cannot go to the gym. You must choose a place that allows you to anchor the harness safely, whether the roof, a wall, a door … and also have enough space to perform the exercises. There are many different TRX exercises, we will see some of them that can be easy to perform at home, such as the chest press which is a very common exercise of the TRX that exercises the pectorals.

To do this exercise you have to hold the straps with your arms and keep your arms extended forward; Place with one foot more advanced than the other. Now go bending the arms, bending the chest forward while bending the knee of the leg that we have advanced. Little by little he returns to the starting position. Repeat several times and do not forget to change the position of the legs and overtake the other so you can work both.

How to do rowing with TRX at home

Rowing is another of the best-known exercises used to work the upper back. To perform this exercise you have to place the straps in the shortest position. Then grasp them with your hands so that your arms are glued to the body but in a position of 90 degrees, i.e. flexed. Your legs should be a little more advanced than the rest of the body. Now let yourself fall backwards and rejoin with the help of your arms and back. It is very important to keep the column aligned. Repeat this movement several times.

How to do squats with TRX at home

With this practice you will work especially the upper part of the legs. Here the position is very important since the intensity will depend on your position to a great extent. You should stand in front of the harness with your back straight and your legs straight, but the more you separate the legs, the less it will cost if they are together. Bend your knees without separating your feet from the ground and get up again grabbing the harness with your hands. Repeat the movement as many times as you can.

Do not forget to rest a few seconds between one exercise and another and between movements if necessary.

how to do TRX exercises at home

Precautions for doing TRX exercises at home

It is very important that if you want to work your body on your own, also consult a specialist beforehand who can help you. Especially in the case of the TRX because if you do not know how to use the harness properly you could hurt yourself.

The tapes are subject to an anchor point that must be secure and not move or you could fall. It can be placed anywhere where there is an anchor point located above your head and that holds your weight well. If you put the TRX on a door make sure no one is going to open it.

The straps have several positions, longer or shorter, depending on the exercise you want to do. It is important to change them as you do one or the other. If you are beginning to adapt the exercises to your level, do not over exert. And never exercise more, especially if the doctor has indicated.

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Article Source: Tape Daily