Facts About Dental Cavities You Didn’t Know

Among all the different dental emergencies an individual can experience, dental cavities are more probable. As reliable statistics show, more people have suffered from dental cavities at least once. It’s almost considered the most common dental emergency which should be immediately addressed before developing into more critical conditions. According to one of the best emergency dentists in Ancaster, dental cavities are the decayed spots of your tooth that can grow larger if left untreated. An emergency dentist knows to treat dental cavities, as many people with dental cavities visit emergency dental clinics daily. There are many different emergency dental treatments for cavities, but fillings are the most useful and prevalent ones. If you are lucky, you can restore your beautiful smile with fillings. Otherwise, you need to undergo root canal therapy or even extract the decayed tooth to prevent further problems. So, it explains how important it is to visit an emergency dentist immediately to increase your chance of saving the decayed tooth. In today’s article, we help you learn how to detect, prevent and treat dental cavities. Here are some facts about emergency dental cavities that most people don’t know.

Healthy Foods Can Also Cause Dental Cavities.

Healthy Foods Can Also Cause Dental Cavities.

Many people believe that unhealthy foods are the only cause of dental cavities. So, they try to maintain a healthy diet to prevent dental cavities as much as possible. The fact is even some healthy foods can cause cavities as they contain high sugar content. For instance, fruit juices are healthy and beneficial, but they contain a high amount of sugar which can lead to dental cavities over time. It’s recommended to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth even after consuming some healthy foods like dried fruits or fruit juices.

Cavities Can’t Get Treated by Themselves.

Many try invalid home remedies they have read on the internet to treat dental cavities. None of these methods can treat cavities, and you have no choice but to visit an emergency dentist. Moreover, some home remedies can damage oral health and lead to even more severe conditions. Dental cavities can’t heal by themselves, and you should fill them before they can impact your other healthy teeth.

Cavities Can Be Caused by Acids.

Keeping sugar intake to a minimum is the best way to prevent cavities. Eating too much sugar can result in a range of dental emergencies. The harmful bacteria in your mouth can consume sugar to provide damaging acid. This acid is the leading cause of dental cavities, so it’s essential to wash your mouth immediately after consuming sugar. Doing this would prevent bacteria from secreting damaging acid in your mouth.

They Aren’t Always Painful.

Not all cavities cause pain, and some are painless, especially if they aren’t that deep. But still, all types of dental cavities need to be handled by an experienced emergency dentist, even if you don’t feel pain. An emergency dentist can detect dental cavities before they develop and cause pain and discomfort.

Dental cavities require emergency dental care services to prevent them from worsening. So, visit your emergency dentist after noticing any signs of cavities to receive the most proper treatment!

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