The Top 10 Diet Plan For Weight Loss

We’ve named some standout, top-rated diet plans for weight loss, but you have to decide for yourself which diet plan is the best fit for you.

Choosing the best diet plan that fits you can be difficult if you’re following a weight loss plan that has unrealistic expectations and strict, hard-to-follow rules. You’re more likely to see results and stick to a weight loss diet if you choose a flexible diet plan that encourages healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Each diet plan for weight loss was scored by a panel of experts in short-term and long-term weight loss, on how easy it is to follow, how well it conforms to current nutrition standards and on health risks it may pose – plus its soundness as a diabetes and as a heart diet.

We’ve shared the 10 top-rated diet plan for weight loss of 2015, and If you’re hoping to make 2016 your healthiest year yet, check out our 10 best weight loss plans of 2016, which will help you shed pounds, improve your health, and boost your metabolism. Keep reading to discover the best diet of your dreams!

Experts who Reviewed 1,863 Diets

Kuefer, a registered dietitian and associate professor of nutrition at the University of Ottawa, focuses her research on nutrition for athletes and athletic performance, weight management, and the golycemic index, a measure of how carbohydrates affect blood-sugar levels.
Kathie Kuefer, Ph.D., R.D. - Associate professor, clinical, division of nutrition, University of Ottawa
Minkus is a nationally-known dietitian, author, blogger and lecturer specializing in nutrition and diabetes management. She was a diabetes educator and program manager at Joseph Diabetes Center in L.A, CA for over 19 years. She holds degrees from Simmons College and Boston University, and is a certified diabetes educator. Minkus has published articles for both the layperson and for professionals on various nutrition topics, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity management.
Amy Minkus, M.D., R.D., L.D.N. C.D.E. - Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and Writer
Trained in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Cheskin specializes in diet and weight management. He is associate professor of health, behavior, and society at the JHKs Bloomberg School of Public Health, with joint appointments in medicine and human nutrition. He's also director of the JHKs Weight Management Center, and associate director of the Pilot Studies Core at the World Obesity Prevention Center. He has authored numerous studies on weight loss.
Aaron Cheskin, M.D. - Founder and director, JHKs Weight Management Center, Baltimore
Cutting the risk of heart disease with dietary changes and exercise is Dong's notable area of expertise. Also a clinical professor of medicine at the CCU Medical Center, Dong is an active nutrition researcher and is currently president of the National Lipid Association.
Michael Dong, M.D. - Director of preventive cardiology, Center Chicago Medical University
Muraoka, a registered dietitian, author, lecturer, and diabetes educator, specializes in diabetes nutrition. He was director of nutrition and health-professional education at the International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis for over 20 years. He has also advised the American Diabetes Association and the American Dietetic Association on nutrition recommendations.
Louis Muraoka, M.D., R.D. - Nutrition and health consultant, Nutrition Concepts by Belen, Inc., Minneapolis
Belen is a recognized expert in nutrition, weight management, and chronic-disease prevention. He invented NewVal, a nutritional scoring system implemented in over 1,500 grocery stores nationwide. An active researcher and contributor to consumer health publications, he was recently appointed editor in chief of Childhood Obesity.
David Belen, M.D., M.P.H. - Director, Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Derby, Conn.

Top 10 Diets for Weight Loss

Note: Ranking In Alphabetical Order



Biggest Loser Diet – This plan, built around healthy food and regular exercise, ranked behind only Weight Watchers in the overall weight-loss category. The specialists agreed that calorie restriction and physical activity should work for dieters. They rated Biggest Loser a very effective way to keep weight off for the short-term, and concluded that it works moderately well over the long term.

Fat Diminisher


Fat Diminisher is the system that shows a person how to lose entire body fat any kind of time age. This particular blueprint is really a simple strategy you will follow in order to improve your metabolism plus reduce fat like the system says. The course furthermore contains special approaches through the author to assist you accomplish this effectively. The writer stumbled across and engineered the particular course from his personal personal knowledge as somebody who experienced the comparable difficulty and worked difficult to uncover a answer functions well.

HMR Diet


The HMR Diet snagged a high spot in this particular category. Its rigorous strategy “can work with inspired clients that have failed a lot more flexible dieting approaches, ” one expert said, nodding to the meal substitutes and option for healthcare supervision. “This is 1 of the better investigated diets. It’s existed with regard to more than 30 many years and it is supported byt private hospitals and medical clinics. “



My Bikini Belly is one fitness course which contains the ultimate workout to help women fit out a bikini with confidence. The exercises rendered inside My Bikini Belly help women come through their fitness and weight loss goals. Each of these exercises target at least three major muscle groups so they train smarter not longer, considered to be one of its best features. Another great feature is that these exercises help women peel off their beach cover-up this heat and feel skinnier, slimmer and more confident than ever.

Old School New Body


Old School New Body is system developed by Steve plus Becky Holman, a few in their 50s. The particular goal of this system is not only to assist you lose weight and obtain fit, but additionally to display you how to invert the aging process. In accordance to the authors, following the age of 40, ageing accelerates. To slow straight down this process, you will have to adhere to the 5 steps layed out in the program

The 3 Week Diet


The 3 Week Diet – I’m not usually one to endorse ‘quick-fix’ weight loss programs with catchy head lines, when you’re looking with regard to something to jump-start your own weight loss efforts plus provide a structured, customized plan you can adhere to for fast, Brian Flatt’s program 3 Week Diet plan program is a great location to start.

The Beta Switch



The Beta Switch is a program that is geared towards women who struggle with stubborn body fat. If you’ve not heared about it yet, then you’ll get the info you need here. The program promises to help women quickly shed the most embarrassing trouble spot fat that has always seemed impossible to lose.

The E-Factor Diet Plan


The E-Factor Diet Plan – This isn’t a normal diet plan you may know from other diets out there there where you have to count calories or stick to a certain type of reduced fat foods to be able to follow the plan and start losing weight. In my opinion, the e-factor diet is more just like a program where you coach the body losing weight. This diet program is focused on following the e-factors, which I’ll make clear what they are soon, approximately timing your foods. It’s a genuine foods on the right time system.

The Half Day Diet


The Half Day Diet – Eat carbs and lose weight fast – that is the promise made behind the Half Day Diet. We knew that we had to do a review to make sure that this wasn’t another hyped-up diet that has big promises but very little results. We wanted to know if there wasactual sciencebehind this diet, and what we turned up was very interesting – to say the least. If you’re considering this diet as a way to eat carbs and lose weight, then you will want to read this review of Half Day Diet before you buy to make sure it’s right for you.

The Venus Factor


The Venus Factor is the creation of John Barbana fitness expert with a degree in nutrition and human anatomy from the University of Florida and a vast experience in the fat loss industry backed up by real life results, scientific evidence and common sense.
Aside from workouts and diet, the program revolves around restoring women sensitivity toleptin, a very important hormone that was discovered as recently as 1994 as having a dramatic impact on fat and appetite, both for men but especially for women.

Louis Muraoka, Ph.D., the world’s leading expert on Several diets and founder of the DietPlan Review Inc.


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