Can Happy Couple be Happier? See How Terri and Her Husband Done with Old School New Body

Name: Terri
Age: 41
Family Status: Married
Occupation: Homemaker
Hometown: East Northport, New York
Pounds or Inches Lost: I have lost 81 pounds and went from a clothing size 18/20 to a 8/10! My husband also lost 90 pounds with me!

1. What made you choose to lose weight?

I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees really bad and figured I better join with him to get some extra mileage on my knees before I need replacements.

2. What were the most important changes you made to lose weight?

My choices of food and the portions. When we adopted the weight loss program – Old School New Body, I went out immediately and purchased a food scale because if a portion size was 3-4 oz. of meat I wanted my 3-4 oz. and not an ounce less. I didn’t want to deprive myself like I always did when I went on a “diet”.

3. What was most challenging on the subject of losing weight?

I think getting through the first few months. Changing the types of food and the quantities. I would spend a long time in the supermarkets to get food I ENJOYED but were a low points value on my weight loss plan. After a few months it was like 2nd nature to me.

4. How long did it take you to begin to see results?

I would say 2 months to really notice. I knew the first week would be a good loss like it always was but little by little I would need to get new jeans and clothes.

5. How long achieved it take that you can achieve your current weight?

It took me a year and a half. I took it slow. My motto is “slow and steady wins the race”. If a weekend affair came up I ate what I wanted but in moderation. Some weeks I would lose and some I would gain. So I never kept track of how fast I gained all that weight. I never woke up after a week and said “Oh good I gained 2 pounds this week”! So I just took it one day at a time instead of looking ahead long-term. In the journey I learned a tremendous amount about my body and myself.

6. How long perhaps you have maintained your bodyweight loss and how will you do it?

It will be one year of maintaining my goal weight this coming Mother’s Day. That was the greatest gift I could have received last year was to hit my goal weight Mother’s Day weekend. I maintain my weight because I know what my shopping list is every week and I know what I have to do. I’m not saying there isn’t challenges I face from time to time so if I have a “bad” day I just move on and get over it instead of saying “oh well I ate that, so let me just jump head first into the cabinets and continue”.

7. How has your daily life changed given that you’ve lost weight?

I just feel like my 40’s are the best time of my life. Being a heavy kid all my life I have never been this healthy and felt this good ever! My knees LOVE ME NOW! I don’t take medication anymore and the exercise has helped me strengthen my upper thighs to help keep the pressure off my knees.

8. How did Old School New Body help you reach your weight loss goals?

Read the Old School New Body chapter by chapter to help me learn. I love learning new things that can aid in my “new journey” and Old School New Body does that for me.

Weight loss tip #1

Don’t deprive yourself of portions.

Weight loss tip #2

Keep the food in the house you need to keep you on track.

Weight loss tip #3

Take baby steps in making changes and in the long run you will see bigger changes.

Weight loss tip #4

Enjoy the journey to getting healthy instead of dreading it.

Weight loss tip #5



Fiber One cereal with dried cranberries and skim milk and a small grapefruit and coffee. Or, 2 slices of whole grain bread with 2 TB peanut butter, or egg white omelets.


Cottage cheese with spices added to it and 2 slices of whole grain bread or 3 oz. of turkey or chicken on light bread with a side of cold cooked veggies.


4 oz. of protein a big salad every night, or whole wheat pasta with shrimp or grilled chicken, sometimes I do breakfast for dinner.


Sugar free popsicles! Atkins protein bars, sugar-free Jell-O, raw almonds.

Weight Training

I do the “Walk Away The Pounds” and increase my weights that way.


I use my treadmill daily and either walk at 3.5mph and go up as far as a 12 incline for short periods of time or I walk at 4.0 up and down to 4 incline and lower and sometimes use 2 pound weights at 4.0 but flat ground.

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