Know the Various Eye Bag Methods in Singapore

Puffy, pesky eye bags can be an actual pain to deal with. Especially when no amount of costly concealers or eye creams seems to do the trick. There is a more lasting solution of sorts for the baggage below your eyes which is the eye bag removal procedures. That makes eye bag removal such a helpful aesthetic procedure. That there are many methods available to go through.

You can go with the non-surgical procedure if you’re afraid to go under the knife. For those who like a scarless and swift method, then choose either the radiofrequency or laser treatment. Visit Radium Aesthetics to get your eye bags removed as one of the best options. There are various types of eye bag removal methods you can choose in Singapore.

Some of the different Eye Bag Removal procedures in Singapore 

  • Laser blepharoplasty

Laser blepharoplasty is the same as scarless eye bag removal surgery. That the surgeon needs an incision underneath the lower eyelid to cut the fat tissues. Instead of a sharp tool like a scalpel, a carbon dioxide laser is used. There’s also a little bleeding included.

Visit Radium Aesthetics to get your eye bags removed

  • Scarless eye bag removal

Surgery is still one of the most functional ways to avoid eye bags. Yet that doesn’t mean it will have undesirable scars. It’s a good thing that medical technology is done to the point where surgeries give scars. It is proven that the outcome of scarless eye bag removal surgery is permanent. So it guarantees that that puffiness below your eyes won’t come out anytime soon.

  • Radiofrequency eye bag removal

If you can’t take the risk of a longer recovery period and are afraid to go under the knife. It’s the most well-known procedure in Singapore since it needs virtually no downtime. It only needs an hour to complete this type of procedure. There’s a special micro-needle that needs to insert into the lower eyelids. That discharge radio frequency to avoid excess fat deposits. There will be no discomfort or scarring during the treatment.

  • Non-surgical 4D laser eye bag removal

This is ideal if you’re searching for the safest and most comfortable method. Non-surgical 4D laser eye bag treatment is another non-invasive approach that leaves no scars. And only needs little to no downtime, it’s a 2 part procedure that is only for 45 minutes per session. Two types of lasers are being used, one to smoothen the skin under the eyelids. And the other one is for collagen stimulation.  Yet, it’s not perfect for individuals with huge eye bags.

You can also visit some aesthetic clinics with the best eye bag removal in Singapore. There are a lot of choices you can consider to Visit Radium Aesthetics to get your eye bags removed.

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