Are You on a Diet? Have You Considered Using Medicinal Cannabis?

There has been a lot of chat recently regarding cannabis and the effects it has on helping people in the fight to lose weight. So I thought it would be good to outline exactly how cannabis can help and dispel many of the myths that exist with cannabis in dieting.

When people think about cannabis, one of the first things they think about is the “cannabis munchies” that it causes which biologically encourages cannabis users to eat more food. To counter this, many studies have unveiled that in fact using cannabis could in fact cause people to lose weight.

A University based in San Diego published the head turning research earlier this year. They conducted a study in a state where medicinal marijuana was permitted and found that there was marked decline in the levels of people who were described as obese. They found that the introduction of cannabis led to between a two and six percentage point decrease in the levels of obesity. The cost saving based on this fall in obesity was calculated to be between $55 and $120 for every person within the state. So not only did the study prove that cannabis use had a positive correlation with weight loss, it also led to a reduction in medical costs for the state.

The study was controversial because it encouraged the younger generation to use cannabis instead of other recreational substances such as alcohol, in order to lose weight. Alcohol has a surprising number of calories which even surprised me!

But then, there was also another study conducted by the University of Montreal which offered the view that cannabis use actually increases weight rather than decreases. So,it is clear that more research needs to be conducted in order for us to gain a better and fuller understanding of the effects of cannabis with regards to weight loss.

It is important to note that not all weight gain threatens an individual’s health, but it is common knowledge that severe obesity negatively affects a person’s health. If cannabis can be used in the fight against obesity, and be proved beyond any reasonable doubt that it can positively contribute to reducing obesity, then we could see marijuana being legalised for medicinal and recreational use right across the USA. As more and more states legalize cannabis, this gives the opportunity for more research to take place, which further improves our understanding of this substance.

While cannabis may indeed help in our fight to lose weight, it should be used in conjunction with other dieting practices such as a calorie controlled diet in order to witness the true benefits marijuana can provide. If you have had any experiences with cannabis use with regards to weight loss, please let us know so we can take a look at other user’s experiences to see if we can identify a trend. This will hopefully broaden and strengthen our understanding in this field. Cannabis could be the substance to watch in the next few years! For more information, check out

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