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Methods To Helps Your Children For A Good Fluency

Stuttering is the condition that the person will feel hard to speak and speak with repetition of words, additional sounds. This is a disorder that can be found right from childhood. When the person does not take the right treatment they will be continues till the file time. Here is some guidance for a parent on curing the stammering or “Haklana Kaise Thik Kareusing few practices.

Who do they stutter?

One of the important reasons is neuromuscular complications, inability to control speech organs muscles, obstruction in the organs of speech and difficulty in moving tongue and lips. Till the age of 5 it may be acceptable, but when they continue even after the advanced age it may be because of some psychologies factors like a tense family atmosphere, scorn, arousal, anxiety and lack of confidence.

Proper exercise

One of the most important things to perform is an effective exercise when your child does certain exercise parts like lungs, tongue, jaw, lips, and trachea may acquire strength. Having these exercise may completely help in clearing the stuttering problems or at least the part of it can be reduced. The best time to do them can be just before they go to bed. Here are certain exercises to be carried out.

Loud pronunciation of vowels

As your child to loudly pronounce the vowels “A, E, I, O, U” it is important to be very articulate while pronunciation and they can distort their face. Make sure the pronunciation is clear and they pronounce every word with confidence.

Pausing method

It is important to teach the children how to pause in between the sentence. This helps in pausing at the right time instead of the pausing in the middle of the sentence or just after two to three words. This should be taught at least once in a day and this may also help in understanding the language as well.

Jaw technique

Make the child open the jaw wide and ask them to lift the tongue towards the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue. The child should continue to touch the roof of the tongue and move to the back. When the child does not have any pain makes them hold the tongue for a few seconds. Now your child may pull the tongue out in order to reach his or her chin just by stretching the tongue. Also, hold in this position for a few seconds. Try to make them do four to five times every night.

Breathing tactically

You may ask your child to stop breathing from the chest and ask for breathing from the belly. When they breathe from belly the muscles and nervous tensions can be reduced and the entire body may be relaxing.

These can be certain techniques that can “Haklana Kaise Band Kare” and help your child to come out of stuttering issues. This is the small thing that you are doing to your children that may help them highly in the future to be successful.

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Seating portions will vary for the different types of the strollers

If you are travelling together with your babies then you should defensive purchase the best stroller available in the market. Some of the strollers at slight in weight with a compact folding mechanism. It is easy to transport the triple stroller with car seats from one place to another replace if it light in weight. The seats in the stroller will provide a lot of comfort for your little ones. You can operate the seats on your own and also customize the travel system. The seating positions of all the seats will vary with the different positions. You can follow upright positions so that your baby lies in the back position. Once the babies will have a nap then they can explore the world outside. The hoods which are fitted into each of the seats will provide the protection from the weather elements. You can store the personal items of the baby in different pockets.

Plenty of storage space:

The storage spaces are provided in each basket under the seats. The seating in the stroller can be adjusted independently. There will be plenty of storage space in some of the strollers. You can also manage to carry your stroller through a flight of stairs. The considerable amount of shading will be provided in each seat with the detachable stroller hoods and they are also adjustable. The parents can overcome the risk of the stroller rolling if they take the stability of the stroller into consideration.

triple stroller with car seats

The well-balanced stroller will ensure to provide more stability for the parents. If you have a look at the wheel design then you can determine how the triple stroller with car seats will distribute the weight. The review score is very high for the side by side triple stroller by considering the stability of the stroller.

Handle the stroller in indoors:

There will be more stability for the wider wheelbase when compared to the wheels with the narrow base. The storage basket design should also be taken into consideration when you purchase the stroller. You can check out the reviews to know how the stroller will perform with the full load. The toppling should be prevented so that the stroller will not touch the ground. The parents should also understand how to handle the stroller in the indoors as it will completely different from the outside functions. The wheels of the stroller will really work great on the well-maintained roads. Different strollers will have different types of wheels. The stroller should have a good suspension to work on the bumpy and windy roads. You should keep in mind about the weather conditions when you use the stroller in the outdoors. The front swivel wheels in the narrow stroller are really ideal for you.

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The Bottles Can Help To Create A Fixed Feeding Schedule

We know that babies do not want to eat. It is very tough task to feed them properly.  This bottle can help to create fixed schedule for feeding. The babies should feed once in every 1.5 hours. Before feeding them, parents should try to attract them to this bottles. The item means bottles should be check by the parents. It will be good if it is soft, flexible and wide. The nipple of this bottle must be felt natural. Otherwise babies cannot like it. The another best bottles for breastfed babies are Playtex Baby Nurser Dropins Baby Bottle.


This product is really best product, the manufacturer has an air that it fully looks like the breast that’s why babies have no confusion. It has a soft disposable liner inside it which prevents air from mixing with the milk by collapsing. This product is fully free from BPA. The model number of this product is 5761. This product is manufactured by Playtex. The dimension of the product is 16.5×11.4×11.4 cm.

best bottles for breastfed babies

Features and Details:

Generally, it’s customer reviews are low i.e.1.0 out of 5 stars. The product first came at the market on 29th Oct 2013. The features are enlisted below:

  • This product is totally similar to the breast. The babies can suck and swallow in a co-ordinated rhythm.
  • This product is free from BPA.
  • This product has pre-sterilised liner which can help babies for comfortable feeding by leaking air.
  • Babies can easily switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding due to it’s lookings..
  • While feeding the baby can take breathe naturally.
  • A comfortable feeding experience is provided by this bottles.
  • This bottle can reduce or minimise colic and gas. It is made of safety materials.


These product has maximum no. of features. But it has some disadvantages too. It is very little challenge to use. It is possible that the bottle has a leakage problem. Parents can prevent babies from making a habit of these bottles. These habit is harmful for the babies.


People always want to keep their babies happy. That’s why the type of bottles is made very soft, wide and flexible which is exact similar to the breast. At first child cannot accept this bottle feeding. But being a parent they should have a great patience and a great effort to feed their child properly. Though this bottle can help satisfactorily. Parents can maintain the rule that they don’t start the bottle feeding when their babies are hungry or tired.