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Is cheese a comfort food?

All of us have our own version of our favorite comfort food and admit it, comfort food is our ultimate guilty pleasure trip every time we want to feel good and full despite the high-caloric content of it, but the calories are not what makes these comfort foods.

According to experts, their research study shows that the effects of comfort foods found that people certainly have several reactions to it in many different ways. Comfort foods are the number one way to alleviate the stressful or lonely feeling of people and calories are not responsible to this, because foods although no matter how you interpret it always remind us of our emotional connections to places, people and stuff that makes us feel that nostalgic comfort the way we want to feel.

The more you have attachment or connection to certain people or places in your life, the more you will get the affection of comfort foods. People with strong emotional relationships or connections are more likely to rely on comfort foods to make them feel better.

A lot of people out there have their own preferred comfort food but everyone agrees on cheese. Only a crazy person would debate that cheese is not delicious.

Is cheese the ultimate comfort food?

Also, one of the most noticeable findings is that most comfort food contains cheese. You might notice that there are times that you crave for cheese burger, pizza, cheesecake, mac and cheese, and grilled cheese sandwich. Would this be a proof that cheese is the ultimate comfort food? Let us find out why cheese is one of the best ingredients to your comfort food.

baked recipes

Cheese however is not a dish, but rather a main ingredient coming from a dairy product that is used to cook dishes from it like the all-time favorite Mac and Cheese, the double cheese burger and the three-cheese pizza to name a few.

In fact, an average American eats a whopping 35 pounds of cheese a year, and these numbers are surprisingly soaring. There is a deeper reason why people love cheese and wants every single food on their table to have cheese on it. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the most favorite type of cheese for Americans is mozzarella which outlasts cheddar cheese for three straight years according to surveys. An average American consumed 9.6 pounds of mozzarella cheese a year making it the most favorite and the most popular type of cheese there which are always an ingredient to their best cooking recipes.

There are even experts who say that cheese can be dangerously addictive as drugs. There is nothing wrong if you want an extra cheese or excess cheese to your food, cheese is the best invention in the world which was first discovered more than 7,000 years ago that originated in some parts of the world in many different ways.

One of the best-baked recipes for cheese is the Macaroni and Cheese in the United States, while in other regions like in Europe, they all have their own versions. One of the most popular dishes that cheese is the main ingredient is also the lasagna, and of course pizza. There are many different baked recipes of cheese that differs from one another according to region and culture. Cheese is ultimately a worldwide food staple.

Nutrients Found In Cheese

Cheese contains calcium because it is made from milk in the first place. It also contains a lot of protein, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. There are 13 types of cheese and each is unique from one another and has different tastes, smell, and texture.

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Why You Need To Drink Coffee Regularly

This is good news for those people who are looking reasons to DrnkCoffee. Drinking coffee in moderate amount was never a bad option, but nowadays people are consuming it for health benefits. Here is a list of some of the good reasons that why you should drink coffee every day.

Decrease the pain

If you drink 2 cups of coffee, then your muscles soreness will decrease significantly, which is inevitable after every workout session. You need to prepare your cup of coffee without cream and sugar.

Enhanced energy level

Coffee will make you less tired because your energy level will increase after drinking it. This has become possible because of a stimulant called caffeine present in it. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance, which increases the alertness by stimulating your nervous system. When you drink coffee, the caffeine mixes in the blood stream and then it reaches your brain.


Burn fat

Who are trying to get rid of excess body fat, you will get help in the form of coffee. In the present scenario, caffeine is present in nearly all the fat burning supplements. The best part is that caffeine is a natural substance to enhance the fat burning process. If you make your coffee sugary, thrn you will not get the same benefits.

Physical performance

The mission of caffeine increases adrenaline level and this is a hormone, which prepares your body from physical exertion. Caffeine breaks the fat cells and body uses it as fuel.

Decrease the risk of type II diabetes

In the present scenario, type II diabetes is becoming one of the gigantic health problems. According to a survey, more than 400 million people around the world are affected by this ailment. In this kind of problem, the level of blood sugar increases with the resistance or the inability of the body to produce and release insulin. Researchers have revealed that regular coffee drinkers reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes up to a certain level.

Fight depression with coffee

This is a disorder in which mind is affected significantly and it disturbs the quality of your life. A research was published in 2011 and this revealed that women who were consuming 4 cups of coffee per day had 20% less chances of getting depression.

Reduce the chances of cancer

Cancer is among the top causes of death around the world. This has become an established fact that coffee drinkers can safeguard themselves and they will have considerably less chances of affecting from the deadly diseases.

People who are diehard fan of coffee may be delighted to read the above benefits of coffee drinking. At the same time, you are supposed to take care of a couple of things so that you get all the benefits of this drink. You need to DrnkCoffee black without adding sugar or cream in it. If you will add flavor or cream in it, then it will increase its calories and it will disturb therapeutic benefits of coffee. Adding sweeteners and cream will not only create a distance between therapeutic benefits, it will also harm your health.

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What Gluten-Free Foods are There Available Nowadays?

What is commonly known as gluten, is a protein which is extracted from wheat and other types of grains by washing the starch from the grain. As you are probably aware, there are some folk who cannot properly digest this protein, and suffer from something called “celiac disease.”

gluten-free diet

This is an inflammatory condition of the small intestine and people who suffer from it have to put a halt to ingesting it and then only consume gluten-free foods, meaning foods which contain the likes of wheat, rye, or barley.

But Not All Grains Must Be Avoided

And whilstthose who are on a gluten-free diet cannot eat anything at all which consists wheat, rye, or barley,(That includesnearly all commercially prepared cakes and pastries), there are some grains and flours which contain no gluten.

These include the likes of:

  • Buckwheat
  • Corn
  • Potato flour
  • Rice
  • Arrowroot
  • Soy

Nowadays, a lot more cakes, biscuits, and cereals are readily available which have been made without any gluten, making them perfectly suitable for everyone.Check out Juvela’s Gluten Free Food Range, for a great variety of foods and more.


There has been a great deal of debate on the question of oats. Natural oats are indeed a gluten-free food product, but the problem lies in whether they have come into contact with wheat somewhere along the manufacturing process, where they are then considered “contaminated.”


Nearly all dairy products are deemed gluten-free, minus things such as cheese spreads, a number of flavoured milks, and custards. Meat is a gluten-free food and only when it is processed, does it become an avoidable food source. (As in sausages, meat pies, frozen meats, pasties and chicken broth, where gluten is usually added in one form or another)


Fruit is practically the same, as are vegetables, and nuts. Without being added to any sauces, starches, or thickeners, they are all naturally gluten-free foods and a great source of nourishment.

Today, it has become common to add some wheat flour to tinned fruits and vegetables and this is supposedly used to help in processing or as a binder. (And is quite commonly not mentioned clearly on the label). To get around this, you should only purchase brands which include a clearly detailed label, or ones which are marked as being gluten-free.


With the exception of malt vinegar, practically all condiments are classed as being gluten-free foods.

  • This means tomato paste, tahini, maple syrup, and various salad dressings.
  • Herbs and spices are fine unless they have been adulterated with artificial flavourings containing gluten.


Beer should certainly be avoided unless it is labelled as being gluten-free. The majority of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages don’t usually contain gluten.

Those people out there who do not eat gluten should do their very best and try to use fresh ingredients and be more knowledgeable of exactly what’s in the food they’re eating. (Something maybe we should all think about!)

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Some Mouth-watering Ladoo Recipes

Indian Cuisine is rich in a range of sweet dishes and every State of India has their own traditional and classic sweet recipes. Ladoo is a famous category of sweets that are popular around the whole Country and in Foreign as well. There are innumerable Ladoo recipes are available to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ladoo is an inseparable sweet item in almost every auspicious festivals and occasion. Many people have loads of childhood memories associated with Ladoo. To freshen up your memories and have an idea about some popular Ladoos, go through the following:

  • Boondi Ladoo: It is one of the most famous Ladoo relished in almost every household. This popular sweet is prepared with Gram Flour batter. The small, golden yellow balls dipped into a Sugar Syrup. Generally, two types of Boondi Ladoos are popular among the mass. One is crisp hard Boondi Ladoo and another is soft texture Boondi Ladoo. Both of these styles involved with lots of variations in the method and Sugar Syrup consistency as well. Different methods result in different textures.

  • Motichoor Ladoo: It is another very famous version of Ladoo. Motichoor Ladoos are superbly delicious and melt-in-mouth Ladoos made of Gram Flour. The preparation process of Motichoor Ladoo and Bondi Ladoo is somewhat similar; however, the main difference lies in the size of tiny Boondis or fried Gram Flour balls. Boondi Ladoo has bigger Gram Flour balls and Motichoor Ladoo has smaller balls. Both of these Ladoos are prepared with Besan or Gram Flower batter.
  • Besan Ladoo: It is an easy-to-prepare Ladoo that requires Gram Flour, Powdered Sugar along with Ghee. To make the perfect Besan Ladoo, perfect Gram Flour roasting technique should be implemented.
  • Atta Ladoo: It is a quick, simple, and delicious Ladoo preparation in which Whole Wheat Flour, Sugar, and Ghee are the major ingredients.
  • Coconut Ladoo: It is a perfect match of every festival and celebrations. These melt-in-mouth Ladoos are prepared with a couple of simple ingredients like Desiccated Coconut and Sugar Syrup. With merely three ingredients, you can prepare these tasty Ladoos. This quick-fix vegan Ladoo is a must-try recipe in every household.
  • Rava Ladoo: This quick and simple Ladoo recipe is prepared with Semolina, Khoya along with Desiccated Coconut. It takes around 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Ragi Ladoo: It is simple, quick, and delicious Ladoo. It can be prepared with simple ingredients, such as Ragi, Jaggery, and Ghee. Ragi is a storehouse of Calcium.
  • Poha Ladoo: It is a delicious and quick fix Ladoo prepared with thick Poha, Jaggery, and Ghee.
  • Panjiri Ladoo: It is an authentic Ladoo preparation consumed in winter seasons. Consumption of Panjiri will help to strengthen your body against the cold days. However, you should consume Panjiri in a proper manner because it is a heavy sweet. Your body can get the advantages of panjiri ladoo if you do an appropriate workout with it.

Some other popular Ladoos are Badam Ladoo, Moong Dal Ladoo, Malai Ladoo, Maa Ladoo or Maladu, Urad Dal Ladoo, Peanut Ladoo, Sabudana Ladoo, Sattu Ladoo etc.

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How Food Bloggers Can Help You Preparing Healthy Food !

Everybody loves food besides it is a great need for healthy living. But eating just a food and healthy eating; there is a huge difference between the two.  Many times we don’t know what is healthy for us and what is not. It is extremely important to know this.  Here comes the role of the Food Blogger.  There are many popular and good bloggers out there who can guide you in the right way so that you can have healthful food that is not only healthy but delicious and satisfying as well. Bloggers help you in cooking healthy food in a fun way.  Different people are having different food choices and this is where bloggers can help.  Their ultimate goal is to help people in celebrating, loving and making peace with the meal on their table.

 You can take aid of these blogs from now and prepare and serve healthy and delicious food for your family and loved ones. Here are few tips from the expert bloggers.

Cooking tips in a healthy way

You might be expert in cooking, but taking the aid of professionals in preparing your food will make it more delicious, healthy and tempting. The experts recommend eating clean, seasonal whole foods and also you need to maintain a good control over it.  The food you eat must give you a good feel so that you can be sure that you are giving health to your body when you are feeding your stomach.  You must also eat everything in moderation.

Also make sure that the food you are cooking must be in hygienic condition so that you censure the complete safety of the food.

Get different recipes

 On the food blogs you are going to find thousands of recipes which you might think may not exist. You will be surprised to know that how much recipes you can make with the stuff in your kitchen.  It is important that you temp your children with everyday new recipes. This will keep the fun, health and excitement intact and no one in your family will ever say no to your food again.  This is one tested and tried tip by many chefs around the world. Variety in food can give health and can exited taste bugs in your mind before even getting the food in your plate. Food Blogger can help you in learning many recipes in an easy way and that is fast to cook.